1st Faculty of Medicine Charles University 1st Faculty of Medicine Charles University Department of Anaesthesiology and Resuscitacion in Teaching Thomayer Hospital
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Dept. of Anesthesiology and resuscitation TUH



Department of anesthesiology and resuscitation



Department of anesthesiology and resuscitation is a part of First faculty of medicine of the Charles University in Prague. It was established by association of the original department of anesthesiology and the department of resuscitation at 2003. It offers complex resuscitation care for critically ill patients and complex anesthesiology care at operation theaters of the Thomayer university hospital.


The department became a part of First faculty of medicine Charles University at 2005. Lecturers participate in education of students in undergraduate curricula.



Contact information:

Thomayer University Hosital

Dept. of anesthesiology and resuscitation

Videnska 800

140 59 - Prague 4

Czech Republic


Phone No.: +420261083811


Fax No.: +420261083647


Chief physician:

Roman Zazula, MD., PhD.

Associate professor of anesthesiology






Mrs. Monika Kudelkova 




Department is divided into three sections:


·        Anesthesiology section

Anesthetists deliver narcosis to over 9000 patients a year. They work in 13 operation theatres (surgery, traumatology, otolaryngology, urology, pediatric surgery, obstetrics and ophthalmology)


·        2 resuscitation wards

Each of them disposes with 5 beds equipped with high end medical technology. So we can take a care of a maximum 10 patients, who need complete intensive and resuscitation care and also wound care.


·        Ambulatory section

It is mainly focused on management of pain on patients with chronic pain diseases.


Please visit web pages of Thomayer University Hospital in Prague for more information: www.ftn.cz